Magical Way To Get Fairer Hands And Feet Overnight

Today I will share one instant trick to get fair hands super fast. This is a quick manicure trick that works really super fast.

This is a simple way where we scrub our hands to remove dead skin layer, it will remove sun tan completely from your hands and you can see a drastic change yourself.

For this you will need:


Few Drops and Your Skin Will Shine Like Princess Without Any Makeup

Coconut oil + Salt + Lemon juice + Warm water

Steps to follow:

  1. Take salt on your palm (Take good amount of it, we need to rub it on our hands for 15-20 minutes)
  2. Add some coconut oil into this
  3. Now with help of this scrub your hands for 15 minutes
  4. After 15 minutes take a bowl of warm water, int his add 1 spoon of lemon juice
  5. Wash your hands with this water

You can use the same treatment to remove dead black layer from your feet also.


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