Think of a self-exam as a casual way to know what is normal for you. Best time to check is a few days after your period ends when things are most normal. A cancerous lump feels different from a normal lump: it’s often hard and immovable and can be any shape or size (like a lump or a thick mass).

Do you know the 12 Signs of Breast Cancer?

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Do you know what a cancerous lump feels like?

How to find breast cancer ?

Causes Of Breast Cancer

Many people suppose that the deodorant and the antiperspirant are the same thing.

This is not true.

Antiperspirants contain chemicals that clog the pores and prevent sweating in this way.

Deodorants do not stop sweating; they just annul the unpleasant odor of the sweat.

Despite this popular opinion, most of the deodorants do not only cover the smell of the sweat, but they also kill the bacteria that cause that smell, due to the antiseptic additives they contain.

Both antiperspirants and deodorants can have bad consequences on your health.

Some studies have shown a connection between the regular use of antiperspirants and breast cancer.

The risk is even higher if the antiperspirant is used immediately after shaving.

Other studies have shown that aluminum is being absorbed through the skin, and then it enters the blood and accumulates in the brain.

Scientists have connected this phenomenon to the increased number of Alzheimer’s disease cases.


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