The world is built on the power of numbers.

Here are three math tricks that involve your age. One of them allows you to find out someone’s age even if they won’t tell you.

My wife taught me this one:

  1. multiply your age by 7
  2. now multiply that product by 1443

What do you get? Your age repeats 3 times.

Watch this: 28 (age) x 7 = 196.

196 x 1443 = 282828!

Actually, what you’re doing is multiplying your age by 10101. Your age will repeat 4 times if you multiply it by 1010101. Notice the number of ones? Yep, four, hence four age repetitions.

What if you’re age 9 and younger? Does this still work? Well….sort of. You get 90909, or really, 090909. To really enjoy this, though, it helps to be 10 and older. Sorry kids.

  1. Pick a number, any number
  2. Multiply this number by 2
  3. Add 5
  4. Multiply it by 50
  5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1753. If you haven’t, add 1752. (each year these numbers increase by 1. In 2004, you’d add 1754 if you already had your bithday and 1753 if you haven’t)
  6. Subtract the 4 digit year that you were born.

You should now have a number, the first digit(s) being your original number and the last two your age!

Here’s a sneaky way to find out someone’s age who won’t tell you:

  1. Ask the person to multiply the first number of his or her age by 5
  2. Tell them to add 3
  3. Now tell them to double this figure
  4. Have the person add the second number of his or her age to the figure and have them tell you their answer
  5. Deduct 6 and you will have their age!


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