Men are completely alien to us. Their preferences and logic are absolutely unfamiliar to us. Women have been trying to devipher men and to break their code down for a long time with no success.

The thing is that every man is special. So, each of them need an individual approach. What is more, particular life conditions, personal experience and individual traits of character influence a man’s preferences.

Anyways, we keep trying to decode men. Today we came up with a list of things men actually find attractive in women. These 10 things are pretty much common to all men. So, check them out and take another baby step towards understanding men.

I think it’s obvious what men do not find attractive, but what makes them crazy? All men want to find a woman who has these 10 irresistible qualities:

1. Calmness

Men are fed up with neurotic and impulsive women. They want you to be calm and also to be able to calm them down when they need it. They also don’t want you to cause a scene.

2. Tidiness

You won’t believe it but men prefer women to be just neat and clean rather than overdressed and wearing too much make up. They also want you to smell nice. So, chose a nice perfume to please your man.

3. Intelligence

Yes, men appreciate your beauty but it is not only about the way you look. They want you to be smart and to be able to join any kind of conversation. So, improve yourself in this sphere as well. It is really important.

4. Caring

They are doing their best to impress you. They work hard and they want you to appreciate it. The best way to show your appreciation is to take care of them. So don’t try to be cold hearted.

5. Loyalty. We are only human, so forgive him.

No human being on Earth wants to be betrayed. When a man meets a woman, he looks at the way she acts and respects the people she loves. If she speaks poorly about her friends or tells them she is sick so she can spend time with her boyfriend instead of going out with them, he may not believe she is a good match for him.

6. Friendliness and support.

If you ask a man why he loves his wife, he might say how she makes friends with everyone or how she treats everyone with respect and kindness. Nothing is more seductive than humility and the ability to treat everyone with the same level of respect.

7. Maturity.

Maturity has nothing to do with the age of a person. Mental and emotional maturity is a quality all men are looking for because no one has time to date a childish woman.

8. Honesty.

9. He wants you to be romantic.

It makes sense that both men and woman are looking for a partner who is at least a little romantic. It’s nice to feel like that spark will always be there because your partner is someone who likes to bring flowers home and plans romantic getaways.

10. He expects you to be compassionate. 

It’s easy to fall into the habit of always wanting or demanding more. When concentrating on our own needs, we forget to understand others. A compassionate woman is something all men are looking for.


Respect for him and for others is a characteristic that all men find attractive.


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