Sand in the kidney precedes the stone, in fact, sand is considered to be kidney stones smaller than 5 mm.

Causes leading to sand / kidney formation in the kidney are: eating disorders (increased calcium, phosphate, oxalate ingestion), genetic predisposition, obstruction and infection of the organs of the urinary system, enlarged prostate, insufficient fluid intake, and climatic regions with extremely high temperatures the air that leads to the loss of fluids by sweating, so the concentration of urine increases (this is the basis for the formation of sand / stone).

In this text we will tell you some symptoms that can occur when kidney sands are formed.

Sand in the kidney


  • Back pain and kidney disease
  • more commonly, urinary infections (frequent urination, pain and burning sensation)
  •  in the case of sand in the kidney, blood in the urine rarely occurs, this usually binds to the stone
  • blurred urine
  • loss of appetite
  • fatigue and fatigue
  • Rarely fever

Sand in the kidney, in most cases, does not require medical treatment, but the body is thrown out by time.

In the event that the sand grows into stone in time, the situation is more serious.

Regarding the treatment of sand in the kidney, we will mention some basic methods. This methods involve preventing the condition from getting worse, that the sand spontaneously ejects and does not grow into a stone:

increased fluid intake (water and healing teas) because water dilutes urine and reduces the concentration of salt forming sand:

  • warm baths will reduce pain (you can make hot baths with medicinal teas to help you)
  • Avoid entering foods rich in salts of calcium, phosphate, oxalate
  • the intake of meat should be reduced because it favors the development of acidity of the urine (which causes sand)
  • salt intake should be reduced (sodium chloride does not favor kidneys)

Tea for kidney sand

There are many teas of kidney sand that help to dilute urine and reduce salt concentration in the urine, making it easier to eject sand and prevent its recurrence. We will here give you one of the best teas for kidney sands which is used quite a lot for the treatment of this disorder.
Tea for kidney sand resipe:

Mix a spoon of a mixture of equal parts of the parsley and pine (Fructus jumper) with little wormwood. This should be added to 2.5 dl of water and cook for several minutes.

Then remove the tea from the fire and let it stand about 15 minutes folded, then proceed. Tea is drunk in the following way: drink one cup immediately, and drink the rest of the tea for one hour a sip. This tea will naturally dissolve sand in the kidney, which will ease its elimination.


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