The famous scientist Mermerski reveals the most powerful natural remedy: 4 spoons a day and cancer is gone!

Food for the treatment of the whole organism! Cleans blood vessels, heal the heart, restores the immune system, cleanses the liver, the kidneys, all the system of secretion, and also the digestive system of the pathogenic microflora  The famous recipe of the famous scientist Christ Mermersky.

It improves brain activity and memory protects from infarction, insults, and threats to the healing of survivors. Anti-inflammatory agent. The best agent against all types of cancer. It regulates body weight.


– 15 fresh healthy (with brilliant corn) BIO lemon

– 12 heads of fresh garlic

– 1 kg of real honey

– 400 gr of cereal grain

– 400 gr of fresh walnut core


Put 400 gr of wheat into the glassed glass jar, and pour the water off, preferably overnight. After 10-12 hours, clean the water and wash it well through the clean cloth gauze and wash well and squeeze through the gauze.

Leave the wheat in the jar. After 24 hours, wheat with calls is obtained (1-2 mm length).


Samleti together prophesied wheat, walnuts and cleaned garlic heads. Sprinkle 5 lemons with a cake and mix all together in an enameled vessel. Of the rest, lemon juice should be taken only and mixed with the rest of the mixture until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Add honey and longer to mix with a wooden sweeper, then pour into the jars that should be kept in the refrigerator. After 3 days, the mixture is ready for consumption, while everything becomes compact …


This food is taken 30 minutes before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner, and before bedtime.

For the treatment of cancer – is taken every 2 hours! It improves the work of all internal organs and glands; – Which keeps the body alive.

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