Finally, Irresistible – Bald men have two GREAT advantages in life

Bald Men-Hair loss causes the release of testosterone products, dihydrotestosterone. It plays an important role in the development of male genitalia during pregnancy, but in adults, it results in hair follicle shrinkage, more precisely – baldness.

Given that the product of testosterone, many think that more testosterone means larger amounts of dihydrotestosterone and even more hairlines, but things are a little different.What separates bald-headed from those with thick hair is the sensitivity of the hair follicle, which is inherited from the mother.

However, hair loss is bad for us, evolution would surely become a thing of the past. The fact that baldness is very widespread actually indicates that it is useful. But how? And why is it more common for men?

Women like bald and shaved men

If you ask women, they will say that they adore bald men. And indeed, except that they look good especially if they work on their body with frequent visits to the gym, they associate us with masculinity and strength. Not to mention that because of the nature of their appearance, such men seem to be much more orderly and are more attentive to hygiene.

The shaven head is extremely practical, but also the sexy weapon

The secret is only that men accept their baldness and turn it into a weapon of secrecy, and there is nothing more challenging than a confident man. After all, there is nothing left for them, because baldness is already a matter of genetics, so they have no choice but to turn things to their advantage and become even more charming.

In addition, as we have noticed, some men, regardless of whether they are prone to baldness, take a barber or trimmer in their hands and replace their hair, comb, and gel for a bald head.

What is also important to point out is that in bald or worn men some other things come to be expressed as a smile, a look, a face structure or a posture.They will use some other adverts for conquest or use baldness as the main module.Fashion accessories are also great, whether it be glasses, caps or hats, whatever they choose will be extremely stylish.

As for the malefactor, just one glimpse of actors such as Vina Diesel and Jason Statham, who emphasizes their sexiest style with a muscle body or the most famous “bald” like Bruce Willis and Sean Connery.

Bruce Willis still showed signs of baldness in the 80’s, so that in the ’90s he would boldly begin to wear a bald look, and although he is still 60, he is still one of the sexiest men. There is also Samuel L. Jackson who is one of the best-loved actors of all time and for which all the women have fled at the very moment when he decided on the baldness stile when he starred in the Star Wars series.

These actors have just built their charm and charisma on baldness, and their appearance has always emphasized their roles.

Where comes the idea that a bald or shaved person is extremely sexy?

“Beauty is in the eye of the observer, not divided men on shaved or those with hair. It does not stand any shaved head, some just have no hair and have no choice. However, it is possible to associate with the above- mentioned hair that requires care, hairstyle and the like, and this automatically gives the man the epithet for “gentler” so the shaved / bald have more time for other activities ”

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