Men ,men ,men !!! Often people say “eyes are for watching”!

Just like women like to watch beautiful things, so and men like to enjoy the view of beautiful women …

In the life of every woman, at least once happened to realize that her gentleman’s glance had turned to another woman.

Most of them immediately get offended and angry, realizing it as disrespect. They are very worried – they think the partner will cheat, but in fact, in most cases, it is neither either issue.
Here’s for three reasons why your man looks at other women!


Looking at another woman is mostly an instinctive reaction. Testosterone affects their brain by observing potential “prey”, so their eyes simply stray in that direction. Only after that, they understand what they are doing, but then you have been angry.


Just like women like to watch beautiful things, so men like to enjoy the look of beautiful women. This does not             mean that he does not like you, but the old saying “Eyes are for watching


It may sound weird, but a man who does not feel attractive enough will want from you to be jealous,

to make sure himself that you care about him. So he deliberately looks at other women in front of you,

attracts attention, and enjoys your jealousy.

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